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About Safari

Frequently Asked Questions

How much baggage?

For comfort on safari is essential to have reasonable size of baggage. Unless there are only 2 pax in a vehicle, baggage is limited to 1 big bag and 1 small backpack plus bag for camera or video camera. All together baggage should not weight more then 20 kg. We won’t take any suitcases because they take a lot of space and it is difficult to store them in vehicles. In case there are only 2 pax, baggage can have up to 25 kg and there can be 2 suitcases of reasonable size. Suitcases, other heavier and unnecessary things can be stored in town hotels while you are on safari. A small daily back-pack is very handy to carry items you will need during game drives. We will do our best to take care of your luggage while you are with us on a trip, but still SUNSET AFRICA Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any damaged, lost or stolen baggage or personal property. We advise you to arrange adequate baggage insurance.

What kind of cloth I need?

You should bring easy to wash, comfortable and light clothes of khaki, brown or beige colours. Some other colours attract insects more then the one mentioned above and some bright colours are irritating for the animals. Casual, comfortable and light clothes are suitable all year around. Light clothes are extremely important, because with different number of layers you can adjust to different temperature between early morning and late evening. Long sleeves are essential for protection against sun and insect bites. Shorts can be useful in summer when temperatures are higher, but light long trousers will protect you from sun and bites. Woman can wear shorts, but not too short ones. Early in the morning or staying at Ngorongoro camps and lodges evenings can be chilly, temperatures often drops to 2-3˚C, you need to bring a sweater. Either you will be coming in rainy season or non-rainy season when there is a lot of dust. Get prepared for rain with rain coat, protection for your camera. In case of dust you should consider bringing older clothes and avoid white clothing because they get dirty very fast.

What to pack?

  • comfortable, light cotton clothes
  • cotton trousers for the evening
  • trousers or shorts in summer for game drive
  • long sleeved shirts and tops
  • sweater or jacket
  • comfortable shoes and beach sandals
  • good walking shoes (if your itinerary includes walking, trekking…)
  • hat or cap, sunglasses, sun cream, after sun cream
  • toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, comb, deodorant
  • towel, toilet paper
  • swimwear (most of the lodges have decent pools)
  • insect repellent
  • camera, lens, a lots of film or memory cards, batteries
  • binoculars, torch (flashlight), Swiss army knife (very useful)
  • plastic bags (to protect your items against dust or rain)
  • fold-up umbrella or lightweight raincoat
  • scarf, gloves, warm hat
  • sleeping bag (you can rent ours or bring yours if you stay in camps)
  • medication for car sickness, antibacterial hand gel, lip balm
  • other general medication (against headaches, dehydration, diarrhea…)

Modesty of clothing is expected for man and woman in all Muslim areas. Women can wear shorts, but not to short. In villages and towns trousers are much more appropriate. In case of shorts women should carry a sari / sarong to cover legs, because showing too much skin might cause offence, especially in all Muslim areas. For that reason also your shirt or blouse shouldn’t be sleeveless. Do not bring too much luggage. Most of the hotels, beach resorts and bungalows have laundry service.

What kind of shoes I need?

Unless you have booked a walking safari or you are planing to climb Kilimanjaro or any other mountain around, you don’t need heavy shoes. There is very little walking during game drives, most of the time you sit in a vehicle. A pair of comfortable soft shoes will be enough. When travelling on Cultural tours you should bring sturdy, water-proof and comfortable shoes. Something like beach sandals will be useful when participating in camping safari.

How about accommodation?

It depends what you want, what you prefer. On safari you can choose between lodges that vary in size and style or campsites. Lodges are more expensive, but most of them are built to “fit” in to the environment where they are located and most of them have very good service. They are built in rondavel style with lounge in the center, restaurant and bar. There are 2 types of campsites. “Ordinary campsites” have toilets, fireplace and many times water taps. On the other hand there is “special campsites” that must be booked in advance and have only a pit toilet. All major cities in Tanzania have different kind of accommodation from guest house excellent luxury hotels. It’s your choice. We can make reservation in different kind of safari lodges, hotels, campsites, bungalows or guesthouses.

Do I need sleeping bag?

In case you decided to stay in lodges, you don’t need sleeping bag. For those participating in camping safari sleeping bag is needed. We can provide you one before we go on safari. Renting our sleeping bag is free of charge. In this case you might bring a thin sheet in a shape of sleeping bag to put inside. If you prefer your sleeping bag then you should bring light one that those take to much space in your bag.

How about travel conditions?

Compare to Europe travel in Tanzania has much less comfort and needs much more of your tolerance. Keep in mind that Tanzania is not very rich country, there is not enough finance to invest in all necessary projects. For this reason you may find out that roads in Tanzania at least some sections are in very poor condition. You should expect bumpy and dusty ride through national parks. Many of them are not real roads but more dirt tracks that can be very dusty or very difficult to drive on when it’s wet season. You have to keep in mind that you will be travelling a lot by car, because that’s the only way to do excellent game drive and to see extraordinary wildlife. There are also no restrooms on game drive. In case you need one, you will have to make 5-10 km to reach a basic toilet facilities. During the rainy season, many roads are passable only with four-wheel drive vehicles. Driving is on the left side of the road. But all this shouldn’t stop you from having marvellous experience in one of Tanzanian National Parks. Try to consider difficult road conditions, lack of toilets and any other difficulties as part of unforgettable adventure in one of the most exciting countries in the world.

Is tipping a custom?

Tipping is very much appreciated. Staff is usually doing there best to make your trip unforgettable and in this case tips on the last day of your trip are common. In first place you need to think how much they did to make your trip unforgettable. We will give some hint how much to tip your guide, driver etc. In case of exceptional service tip for a driver or tour guide should be 15$-20$ per day, for a cook 10-15$ per day (only on camping safari when you have your own cook, not in lodges), for porters (in a hotel, not Kilimanjaro porters), waiters etc. 1$ per service.

Where can I go for shopping?

Shopping for souvenirs is usually possible at the entrance of National Parks and in most of the wildlife lodges. Otherwise on game drive there are no shops, no stalls or any other possibility for shopping. If you really want to do shopping ask your driver to stop in one of the souvenir shops on the way there or back and advise you which shops have reasonable prices. In most of the places you will have to bargain for the price of your souvenir.

What kind of souvernirs I can buy?

Most popular souvenirs are: postcards, woodcarvings, sculptures, masks, traditional instruments, gemstone “Tanzanite”, batics, leather goods, simple jewellery, great variety of local crafts, textiles, paintings, maps, books… You should look for Makonde carvings of ebony wood, Massai handicrafts (spears, bead belts, necklaces, brass laces etc.) or Tingatinga paintings. Please notice that items considered as national treasure or products made of endangered species of wildlife are strictly prohibited. If you are caught with that kind of items you will prosecuted.

How about laundry?

In most of the hotels, lodges, bungalows, resorts you can find inexpensive laundry service. In case you are staying at same accommodation for 2 or more nights, you can bring fewer luggages with you and use laundry service. Check price list before deciding for laundry service. Most of the laundry is dried outdoors, so in rainy season it might take a little bit longer. Keep in mind that women’s underwear is excluded from laundry list, so bring sufficient amount of underwear or detergent to do laundry by yourself.






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