About Tanzania

About Tanzania

Frequently Asked Questions

What is food like?

Food is good and it has improved in recent years. There are some traditional dishes but mainly food is mixture of African, European and International cuisine. There is a good selection of places to eat from simple local stalls to more western style restaurants. Most of the accommodation has own restaurant. This is important in some remote beach resorts and also in Arusha hotels. Stone town has the biggest variety of excellent restaurants with seafood and meat dishes. There is also small but nice vegetarian restaurants but in general you will always find something also in other restaurants. The most common local dish is “ugali”, a staple made of maize or cassava flour. The sauce is made of meat, fish, beans or greens. The best one is when it’s not too dry and not too spicy.

How to get to Tanzania?

You can fly either to Dar es Salaam and Kilimanjaro airports or even Nairobi airport and come by land crossing to Tanzania. Mayor air plane-companies are flying to one of those three airports: KLM, Ethiopian Airlines, Air Kenya, Air Tanzania, Precision Air, British Airways, Emirates, Gulf Air, Swiss Air, Egypt Air, Alliance Air, Sabena, etc. Shuttle buses from Nairobi to Arusha depart twice a day. First departure is at 8.a.m. and second at 2.p.m. Journey takes about 5-6 hours.

Can I drink tap water?

No, we don’t recommend you to drink tap water, actually is not drinkable in most of the areas. You should buy and drink only bottled water and before buying you should check that is good sealed. If your stomach is more sensitive don’t use tap water for brushing your teeth.

What drinks they have?

Tanzania has several types of beer and most of the people consider them as good ones. You can also get a good Tanzanian as well as imported wine. Limited number of soft drinks is available like for example coke, tonic etc. Diet coke is difficult to obtain. You should keep in mind that there is a lack of refrigerators or supply of ice, so you drink might be warm or only slightly cooled. Ask before you order. Prices of beverages depend on hotel, bar or location but usually 1,5l of bottled water costs 1-2$, soft drink 1$, beer 2-3$, glass of wine 3-4$ etc.

Can I travel with a child?

Tanzanians love children and are trying to help mothers and families with small children. Still there are some items more difficult to obtain on Tanzanian shops like canned baby foods, milk and disposable nappies. You can get them only in mayor towns, but is still advisable to bring them with you. For safari you should keep in mind that most of the day you will be in vehicles driving around and observing animals, so bring some toys for a child in case he/she will get bored waiting for animals to show up.

How about travel conditions?

Compare to Europe travel in Tanzania has much less comfort and needs much more of your tolerance. Keep in mind that Tanzania is not very rich country, there is not enough finance to invest in all necessary projects. For this reason you may find out that roads in Tanzania at least some sections are in very poor condition. You should expect bumpy and dusty ride through national parks. Many of them are not real roads but more dirt tracks that can be very dusty or very difficult to drive on when it’s wet season. You have to keep in mind that you will be travelling a lot by car, because that’s the only way to do excellent game drive and to see extraordinary wildlife. There are also no restrooms on game drive. In case you need one, you will have to make 5-10 km to reach a basic toilet facilities. But all this shouldn’t stop you from having marvellous experience in one of Tanzanian National Parks. Also main road from Arusha to Dar es Salaam is not in excellent condition, so you might consider flying to Dar or direct to Zanzibar. Try to consider difficult road conditions, lack of toilets and any other difficulties as part of unforgettable adventure in one of the most exciting countries in the world.

In which time zone is Tanzania?

It’s GMT + 3 hours for Tanzania.

What is international dialing code?

International dialling code for Tanzania is +255 + area code + phone number.

When are public holidays?

1 JanuaryNew year’s Day
12 JanuaryZanzibar Revolution
FebruaryEid al Kebir (varies)
March/AprilEaster Holidays (Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Eastern Monday)-(varies)
26 ApriUnion Day
1 MayLabour Day
24 MayMohammed’s Birthday
7 JulySaba Saba (Peasant’s Day)
8 AugustNane Nane (Farmer’s Day)
NovemberEid al Fitr (end of Ramadan) (varies)
9 DecemberIndependence Day
25 DecemberChristmas
26 DecemberBoxing Day

Which are recommended books?

Traveller’s Guide to Tanzania, Lisa Asch and Peter Blackwell, New Holland, 1997

Bird’s of Southern Africa, Kenneth Newmann, National Book Printers, 1994

African Wildlife, Photographic Safari, Stephen Krasemann and Barbara Bach. Northword Press, 1998

Zanzibar In Contemporary Times, Robert Nunez Lyne, The Gallery Publications, 2001

Memoirs of an Arabian Princess from Zanzibar, Emily Ruete, The Gallery Publications, 1998

Field guide to common trees and shrubs of East Africa, Najma Dharani, Struik Publisher, 2006

Animals of Africa, Thomas B. Allen and Jim Brandenburg, Levin Associates, 1997






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