Amazing Fascts About Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Facts

Kilimanjaro is the world’s highest free standing mountain

It is also the world’s highest snow-covered equatorial mountain.

It is 5895 meters high.

It covers 100 km long and 60 wide area.

In swahili language name »Kilimanjaro« means »shining mountain«

Mountain is so high it can create its own climate.

It has only 200 mm of rain per year.

On the slopes of Kilimanjaro tropical forest is growing.

Mount Kilimanjaro is composed of 3 extinct volcanoes; Kibo (5 895m), Mawenzi (5 149m) and Shira (3 962m).

Snow-covered cone rising majestically from fertile green foothills have become a powerful motif of Tanzania’s extraordinary extremes.

Kilimanjaro represents a powerful life force for the local Chagga people, providing rich volcanic soils for agriculture and an endless source of pure spring waters.




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