Distance from Dar es Salaam to Selous Game Reserve: All You Need to Know

Distance from Dar es Salaam to Selous Game Reserve: All You Need to Know

Distance from Dar es Salaam to Selous Game Reserve

Located in southern Tanzania, the Selous Game Reserve is one of the largest game reserves in Africa, spanning over 50,000 square kilometers. For visitors traveling from Dar es Salaam, the distance to Selous Game Reserve is approximately 220 kilometers as the crow flies. However, when taking into account the various roads and transportation options available, the actual distance can vary.

Understanding the Travel Route and Options

There are several ways to travel from Dar es Salaam to Selous Game Reserve, each offering a different travel experience and duration. The most common methods of transportation include driving, flying, and taking a combination of both.


For those looking for a more adventurous journey, driving from Dar es Salaam to Selous Game Reserve is a popular option. The drive typically takes around 5-6 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions. Visitors can either rent a car and drive themselves or opt for a guided tour with a local operator.


Another convenient option is to take a flight from Dar es Salaam to Selous Game Reserve. Several airlines offer daily scheduled flights to Selous Game Reserve, with a flight time of approximately 45 minutes. This option is ideal for those looking to save time and enjoy stunning views of the Tanzanian landscape from the air.

Combination of Driving and Flying

For a truly unique experience, some travelers choose to combine driving and flying to reach Selous Game Reserve. This option involves driving to a nearby airstrip and then taking a short flight to the reserve. This allows visitors to experience both the road and air travel, adding another layer of excitement to their journey.

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In conclusion, the distance from Dar es Salaam to Selous Game Reserve can be traveled through various routes and transportation options, each offering a unique journey and experience. Whether driving, flying, or a combination of both, visitors can look forward to exploring the beauty and diversity of Selous Game Reserve with the help of experienced tour operators like Sunset Africa Safari.

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