Selous Game Reserve Park Fees: What You Need to Know

Understanding Selous Game Reserve Park Fees

When planning a visit to the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania, it is important to be aware of the park fees that are required for entry. The park fees help to support conservation efforts and maintain the natural beauty of the reserve. Understanding the park fees will ensure that you are prepared for your trip and can fully enjoy your safari experience.

Key Information for Visitors to Selous Game Reserve

Entrance Fees

Visitors to the Selous Game Reserve are required to pay an entrance fee in order to enter the park. The entrance fee is based on a per person, per day rate. The fee is payable in US dollars and varies depending on whether you are a foreign tourist, a resident of Tanzania, or a citizen of a East African Community member country.

Conservation Fees

In addition to the entrance fee, visitors are also required to pay a conservation fee. This fee goes towards supporting conservation efforts in the park, including anti-poaching initiatives and habitat protection. Similar to the entrance fee, the conservation fee is based on a per person, per day rate and is payable in US dollars.

Accommodation Fees

If you are planning to stay overnight in the Selous Game Reserve, you will also need to pay accommodation fees. These fees vary depending on the type of accommodation you choose, ranging from luxury lodges to tented camps. It is important to book your accommodation in advance to ensure availability and to avoid any additional fees.

Safari Activities

While in the Selous Game Reserve, visitors have the opportunity to participate in a variety of safari activities, including game drives, walking safaris, and boat safaris. Each of these activities may require an additional fee, so it is important to inquire about the cost when booking your safari.

Sunset Africa Safari

If you are interested in visiting the Selous Game Reserve and experiencing the beauty of Tanzania’s wildlife, Sunset Africa Safari offers guided tours to the park. With experienced guides and comfortable accommodation options, Sunset Africa Safari provides an unforgettable safari experience for visitors.

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In conclusion, understanding the park fees for the Selous Game Reserve is essential for planning a successful safari trip. By being aware of the entrance fees, conservation fees, accommodation fees, and safari activity fees, you can ensure that you are prepared for your visit to this beautiful reserve. Contact Sunset Africa Safari today to book your safari adventure and experience the wonders of the Selous Game Reserve.

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